GL.iNet GL-AR150 Mini Travel Router, WiFi Converter, Open...

GL.iNet GL-AR150 Mini Travel Rou...


GL-AR150 is a mini travel router for working professionals and a programmable gateway for DIY hobbyists.

Larger Storage and Extendibility:

The router is with storages of 64MB RAM and 16MB Flash, which can be further extended using external USB sticks. There are 2 Ethernet ports, 1 UART, and 4 GPIOs available for hardware DIY. It is an ideal portable gateway for IoT development.

WiFi Converter:

WiFi is extremely popular but still may not be available at anywhere. If you are still using a wired network at hotels or cafes, this mini router is able to convert it to a wireless network for sharing the WiFi with all your devices.

Even in places like cafes or restaurants with WiFi, it is not good to expose your devices to the public network directly. This router converts a public WiFi to your own WiFi with a firewall and then works as an agent for securer surfing. The agent connects all your devices when switching to a new WiFi. You don't have to input password for each of your devices.

The router is also able to convert your phone tethering, or 3G/4G USB modems into a private Wi-Fi.

Portable Travel Mate:

The router is lightweight, pocket friendly, and portable. It can be plugged into any laptops, power banks, or 5V DC adapters for power supply.

Open Source and Programmable:

OpenWRT is pre-installed and backed with a repository of 4000+ software packages. DDWrt is supported. Pre-installed with an OpenVPN client, it works with 20+ VPN service providers.

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Manufacturer: GL.iNet

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Wi-Fi converter: Converts a wired network at hotels or offices to your own Wi-Fi and shares to more devices etc.
Mini travel mate: 1.41 oz. only and pocket friendly. Instantly connects all your devices when switching to a new Wi-Fi
Open source and programmable: Openwork pre-installed, ddwrt supported. Usb disk and webcam extendable
Openvpn client and tor: Openvpn client pre-installed, compatible with 20+ vpn service providers. Tor firmware available for downloading
Larger storage and extensibility: 64mb ram, 16mb flash rom, dual Ethernet ports, art and 2.54mm standard gpios available for hardware day

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